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At Your Jewelry Leather Store, we are committed to offer the finest in jewelry and leather goods for men and woman that will enhance your attire and charm your friends.  Unique necklaces and fancy ones, bright colors and bold stones, can enhance any ordinary outfit and "wow" your friends.  We offer an unparalleled selection of original designs that will delight you, designed with excellent craftsmanship and creative brilliance.  Our manufacturer believes that beauty and nature can coexist so casting grains from recycled metal are used rather than mined elements which lower the carbon footprint by reducing waste, energy and scrap.  If you are moving up the corporate ladder or just want to look successful we offer fine leather briefcases and messengers from the "Floto Collection".  Every piece is a hand-finished original work complete with distinctive hardware and finishing’s built to last by Italian artisans.  Top grade calfskins and natural, vibrant fabrics come together to create timeless and iconic styles.  This is old world quality for today's fast lifestyle that you will find over time, the more distressed the better.  Imagine entering the boardroom with a luxurious leather briefcase for your important documents and contracts.  What latitude you will have with prospective clients. For regardless of what is being said, clients work with those that appear "successful".  Our goods indicate the attainment of  "success" though wealth, position, honor, or just owning them increases gratitude.  And, corporate America is no longer just a man's world.  An increasing number of women hold influential positions.  So we offer a range of products for both men and women.  Just browse through the products and find the ones that are the most appealing to you. Then surprise a friend or love one with a gift from our web site. What a wonderful way to express appreciation for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or whatever the event  may be.  And remember free shipping is provided on all items with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.