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Bilfold vs Wallet
    Bilford - a thin, flat, folding case, often of leather, for carrying paper money in the pocket and
    with few compartments.

    Wallet - a flat, folding pocketbook, especially one large enough to hold paper money, credit
    cards, driver's license, etc., and sometimes having a compartment for coins.

Briefcase vs Messenger
   Briefcase - a flat, rectangular container with a handle, typically made of leather, for carrying document
   books and papers.

  Messenger - a bag that's rather capacious and unstructured, designed to be worn cross-body
  and tight to the torso so that it doesn't flop around while you're carrying items.

Duffle Bag
A large cylindrical bag of heavy cloth; for carrying personal belongings

A rectangular bag, usually made of leather or cloth and provided with a shoulder strap, used for carrying books and other items.

Tote bag
an open handbag or shopping bag used especially for carrying packages or small items.