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Onyx Jewelry
     Onyx jewelry goes back to ancient times where the attraction for onyx was based on the belief that it had special spiritual properties. It served as a good luck charm to protect its wearer from misfortune and eliminated negative thinking. Onyx is also believed to bring spiritual inspiration for holding emotions and keeping passion under control.  It’s believed that onyx is strength-giving. It provides support in difficult or confusing circumstance and during time of enormous mental or physical stress.  From the astrological perspective Onyx is the birthstone for those born in August and is significant as the 10th wedding anniversary gemstone.
     Finally, what makes black onyx jewelry so admired is its glimmering mystery and radiant elegance. The black variety of onyx can be matched with every outfit and on every occasion, no matter the colors of the clothes. Therefore it is suitable for everyone, both from a spiritual and aesthetic point of view. So select your favorite pieces and feel good wearing our beautiful items.