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Hematite Jewelry
     In ancient times, hematite was associated with the GOD of war. The ancient Romans believed the mineral made them invincible in battle, so used it for adornment in jewelry. Native Americans also shared the belief that the mineral would protect them in battle therefore used in face paint. Ancient Egyptians referred to hematite as bloodstone. They believed hematite could be used to treat blood disorders and control bleeding. Hematite was also used in the making of Babylonian seals. Hematite jewelry is believed to transform negativity and promote optimism. It is known as a grounding stone, thought to increase courage, self-esteem and reduce stress. Practitioners of alternative healing often utilize hematite to alleviate fever and draw illness from the body. It is also used to improve memory function, stabilize blood circulation and improve the oxygen supply in the body.
     For our hematite jewelry we have selected a combination of hematite and gold coming together to form exquisite pieces to adore your outfits and enhance your mind. Shop and enjoy.