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Peridot Jewelry
      Peridot is a popular stone that boasts a brilliant greenish yellow hue. In ancient times, it was primarily found in Egypt. The gem has a special kinship with Egyptian history, and can be found in jewelry pieces collected from the age of the Pharaohs. It is believed that Cleopatra herself was quite the fan of peridot jewelry.  During the Medieval Ages, churches and temples in Rome and elsewhere were commonly adorned with peridot. 
     Peridot is the birthstone for August and holds the honor of the anniversary stone for the first year of marriage. It is said to alleviate negative emotions and help balance inner turmoil. For these reasons it’s often associated with helping feelings of depression. Due to its ability to ease a troubled mind, it is thought to improve sleep. The calming sensation afforded by the stone makes it beneficial for those with feelings of anger or resentment. For whatever reason you may have or just to match an outfit, enjoy our variety of Peridot jewelry.